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Inspire your audiences with uplifting and insightful keynote addresses by award-winning author Kari Chiappetta.

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Kari Chiappetta is currently offering the following keynotes:

Finding Balance

Lessons Learned from a Former Workaholic- Like most women who are self-employed, Kari has struggled with finding balance between work, being a mom, wife, daughter, sister and friend. She has had many ups and downs over the years and has worked hard to find the ever-elusive balance most of us strive for. Kari will to share her story and offer some tips and tools to help you find balance in your life.

Consciously Creating the Life you Want

Many of us live our lives on autopilot. This keynote covers how to become the driver in your life. Tips and tools will be shared on how to begin to consciously create the life you want as opposed to living life on autopilot.

Playing Nice in the Sandbox

This keynote covers information on understanding what drives others and learning to appreciate the differences we all bring to the workplace- This keynote is based on information shared in Kari’s Personality Dimensions workshop.

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Kari’s authenticity, energy and engaging personality allow her to connect with audiences on a personal level. No matter if your event is big or small, Kari is adept at keeping event agendas running on time and flowing as smoothly as possible.

Ignite book cover

Ignite Your Female Leadership is an inspiring and insightful book by women, for women. Learning to show up as a leader takes courage. The powerful ignite moments of the 35 women featured in this book are an anthem for all women stepping into themselves and finding their powerful vision and voice.

Kari Chiappetta is honored to have been included in this compilation of inspiring female voices that reached #1 on Amazon in three categories.

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Kari has worked in the Social Service industry for 28 years. She graduated in 1993 from Confederation College with her Social Service Worker Diploma. She then went on to secure her Life Skills Coaching Certificate in 1995. Kari is also a certified Personality Dimensions TM facilitator, certified Lego Serious Play TM facilitator and Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument facilitator. Kari has also secured her Group Facilitation Methods Certificate from ICA Associates.

As a facilitator, Kari shapes and guides the process of working together effectively. Kari’s focus is on the outcome of the meeting or planning session, with how the people in the meeting participate and interact, and with the process. While achieving the goals and outcomes that everyone wants is important, as an authentic and energetic facilitator, Kari also works to make sure that the process is sound, that everyone is engaged, and that the experience is the best it can be for the participants.