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Inspire your audiences with uplifting and insightful keynote addresses by award-winning author Kari Chiappetta.

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Kari Chiappetta is currently offering the following keynotes:

Finding Balance

Lessons Learned from a Former Workaholic- Like most women who are self-employed, Kari has struggled with finding balance between work, being a mom, wife, daughter, sister and friend. She has had many ups and downs over the years and has worked hard to find the ever-elusive balance most of us strive for. Kari will to share her story and offer some tips and tools to help you find balance in your life.

Consciously Creating the Life you Want

Many of us live our lives on autopilot. This keynote covers how to become the driver in your life. Tips and tools will be shared on how to begin to consciously create the life you want as opposed to living life on autopilot.

Playing Nice in the Sandbox

This keynote covers information on understanding what drives others and learning to appreciate the differences we all bring to the workplace- This keynote is based on information shared in Kari’s Personality Dimensions workshop.

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Ignite book cover

Ignite Your Female Leadership is an inspiring and insightful book by women, for women. Learning to show up as a leader takes courage. The powerful ignite moments of the 35 women featured in this book are an anthem for all women stepping into themselves and finding their powerful vision and voice.

Kari Chiappetta is honored to have been included in this compilation of inspiring female voices that reached #1 on Amazon in three categories.

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Jennifer Biron Owner, Redhead & The Chef Catering

It has been a pleasure working with Kari over many years!  Her organizational skills and professionalism are what sets her apart. I always love watching her clients at the end of each workshop/conference compliment her on how amazing she pulled everything together. The best part, is hearing all the participants talk about how inspired they are and how they feel so much value in participating in the workshop/conference.

Tracy Scocchia Catering Manager, Valhalla Inn

As a Catering Manager responsible for the sales and administrative portion of an event I am always excited to know that Kari is the event planner chosen by our customer. Kari is the consummate professional; always organized and forward thinking yet open to suggestion from our venue when offered.

Kari’s priority as is ours; to put the guest first and she strives to make her delegates enjoy the best possible experience with her focus on menu selection, room allocation and set up as well as the important message that our customer is working to convey either through multi-media or personal presentation.

I know that my counterparts in all departments of our Hotel echo my feelings for Kari’s work ethic, especially our Banquet team who works hand in hand with Kari on the day of the event.

Lis Masdea Banquet Sales Manager, Victoria Inn Hotel & Convention Centre

Through my capacity of Banquet and Sales Manager at the Victoria Inn Thunder Bay I have had the privilege of working with Kari Chiappetta Consulting.

Whether facilitating an intimate gathering or large corporate event, Kari’s professionalism, attention to detail, and organizational skills allow for the efficient execution of her client’s needs.

Her commitment to creating a win/win foundation for both her clients and the venue of choice is outstanding from event conception to execution.  Kari will go above and beyond to ensure success for you and your organization.

In a city where reputation and success is paramount, Kari will ensure you are 100% satisfied with your choice in consultants.


Since opening its doors in 2006, Kari Chiappetta Consulting has established itself as a leader in event coordination services in Thunder Bay and across Canada. Kari and her staff continuously meet and exceed the expectations of clients who have contracted the firm’s services. Professional, highly efficient and extremely organized are key traits that Kari and her staff possess, thus ensuring that each event hosted by Kari Chiappetta Consulting is seamless and stress free.

Kari and her staff pride themselves on ensuring clients know their event is their top priority. The firm has the capacity to host numerous events annually and the highly organized nature of the staff ensures that each event is maintained to the tiniest detail. Kari and her staff pride themselves on making each and every delegate feel welcome and well cared for.