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Workshop + Meeting Facilitation

Focused, effective and professional meetings, sessions and workshops in a positive, safe, and non-judgmental environment. Workshops focus on empowering participants to make positive life changes while providing constructive support and feedback.

Online workshops also available!

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Learn, grow, connect.

Kari Chiappetta Consulting provides a wide range of workshops including:

Staff development workshops are tailored to meet the individual needs of the agency and staff that are attending. Depending on the needs of the agency, the length of workshops range from 1 hour to multi- day training sessions. Workshops are interactive and enjoyable and allow participants to share and learn from each other while having fun.


Get the most out of your meetings.

As a facilitator, Kari shapes and guides the process of working together effectively. Kari’s focus is on the outcome of the meeting or planning session, with how the people in the meeting participate and interact, and also with the process. While achieving the goals and outcomes that everyone wants is important, Kari also works to make sure that the process is sound, that everyone is engaged, and that the experience is the best it can be for the participants.

As a meeting facilitator, Kari’s role is to:

  • Understand the goals of the meeting and the organization
  • Keep the group on the agenda and moving forward
  • Involve everyone in the meeting, including drawing out the quiet participants and controlling the domineering ones
  • Make sure that decisions are made democratically


Joanne Kembel United Way Thunder Bay

Kari you delivered an amazing workshop for our staff and Sponsored Employees. You engaged everyone right from the start. You made the learning absolutely enjoyable while helping us understand ourselves , our traits and our challenges. Everything was beneficial to us as individuals and as a team. Undoubtedly this will have an impact on the way we work together. Strengthening the team, strengthens our ability to raise the needed funds for our community and will really impact those in need for services our funded agencies deliver. As well, with our large Campaign Breakfast taking place the next day, we were all referencing our colors as we managed the stress as a strong team and it helped us deliver a first glass event.

Personally, what I have learned about myself will be great professionally and in my home life. I would not have come to this understanding without participating in the workshop.

I personally endorse this workshop and recommend it to anyone consider it. Nice job Kari. Thank you very, very much.


Kari has worked in the Social Service industry since 1993. After graduating from Confederation College with her Social Service Worker Diploma, she then went on to secure her Life Skills Coaching Certificate in 1995. Most recently, Kari has received certification as a Personality Dimensions TM facilitator, as well as her Group Facilitation Methods Certificate from ICA Associates.

Kari loves to facilitate learning and is passionate about helping provide information and the tools necessary to enable individuals to make positive change.


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