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Event Planning

Kari Chiappetta Consulting plans professional, highly organized events to make sure you host a quality, cost-effective conference, meeting, or event.

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Whether your event is a small committee meeting, a large conference, or a gala evening, Kari Chiappetta Consulting will deliver excellent value for every dollar you spend.

Kari Chiappetta Consulting sets the bar in worry-free event planning and coordination. As a member of the Canadian Association of Professional Event Planners (CanSPEP), you can be assured that Kari Chiappetta Consulting meets the highest standards and expectations for event coordination.

Event coordination services include:

  • Conferences and Conventions
  • Meeting Organization and Management Services
  • Educational Programs and Retreats
  • Seminars / Training Sessions
  • Program Coordination

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Our Event Agenda Development Services include:

  • Contact and confirm guest speakers (on direction from planning committee)
  • Confirm all presenters and ensure printing and electronic presentations are received prior to conference and organized for each speaker the day of their presentation
  • Assist with conference agenda development
  • Arrange travel and accommodation for guest speakers
  • Coordinate entertainment, if requested
  • Organize and confirm arrangements for community visits and off site events
Leadership Thunder Bay Retreat 2015

Leadership Thunder Bay Retreat 2015

Our Event Promotion Services include:

  • Promote event via email, mail out, fax out etc as requested
  • Management of event homepage and online registration
  • Support the Planning Committee with developing public relations materials and scheduling of media releases and events
  • Coordinate printing of all event materials
  • Manage media during event
Anishinabek G7 FASD Conference 2015

Anishinabek G7 FASD Conference 2015

Our Event Logistics Services include:

  • Database development and management
  • Attendance at all sub-committee planning meetings. Services provided include agenda development and minute taking
  • Liaise with venue to ensure catering, meeting rooms and accommodations are  adequate and organized
  • Coordinate AV needs
  • Trade Show coordination including promotion, advertising, organizing and managing all exhibitors and vendors (if require)
  • Ensure all delegates receive confirmation of registration as well as follow up email with event details
  • Prepare event packages including name-tags, personal itineraries, any event materials and giveaways
  • Field inquiries via email and phone
  • Order delegate bags/ giveaways
  • Front desk registration and event attendance services
  • Maintain adequate communication with event speakers and planning committee
  • Monitor program expenses to maintain balanced budget including submission of regular financial reports
  • Coordinate volunteers and staff during event
Leadership: Doing Things Differently Leadership Thunder Bay Fundraising Event 2015

Leadership: Doing Things Differently Leadership Thunder Bay Fundraising Event 2015

Jennifer Biron Owner, Redhead & The Chef Catering

It has been a pleasure working with Kari over many years!  Her organizational skills and professionalism are what sets her apart. I always love watching her clients at the end of each workshop/conference compliment her on how amazing she pulled everything together. The best part, is hearing all the participants talk about how inspired they are and how they feel so much value in participating in the workshop/conference.

Tracy Scocchia Catering Manager, Valhalla Inn

As a Catering Manager responsible for the sales and administrative portion of an event I am always excited to know that Kari is the event planner chosen by our customer. Kari is the consummate professional; always organized and forward thinking yet open to suggestion from our venue when offered.

Kari’s priority as is ours; to put the guest first and she strives to make her delegates enjoy the best possible experience with her focus on menu selection, room allocation and set up as well as the important message that our customer is working to convey either through multi-media or personal presentation.

I know that my counterparts in all departments of our Hotel echo my feelings for Kari’s work ethic, especially our Banquet team who works hand in hand with Kari on the day of the event.

Dan DePeuter Coordinator, Tobacco Control Area Network

The North West Tobacco Control Area Network have worked with Kari to plan 2 regional conferences over the past 3 years and would not hesitate to recommend her.  She is organized and her attention to detail and ability to keep everything on track is remarkable.  Kari also has a terrific attitude and her calm and confident personality kept everyone feeling motivated and positive about our events.  Kari helped us to achieve our goals and our outstanding conference evaluations proved that we exceeded the learning outcomes of our registrants and their overall conference expectations.

John Dixon Director of Service, Dilico Anishinabek Family Care

Our initial work with Kari Chiappetta and her team at Kari Chiappetta Consulting aimed to reduce our workload around conference planning under tight government funding timelines. We were thrilled when Kari met with us and utilized her exceptional coordination and planning expertise to take charge and lead us through a successful multi-day training conference. The first time we worked with Kari the results were so far beyond our expectations in terms of reduced workload and the speed with which we accomplished conference planning that we have reconnected with her year after year.

What we appreciated most about working with Kari and her team was their ability to understand our needs, keep everyone happy, and deliver the expected results and then some.

Holly Gauvin Executive Director, Elevate NWO

I have had the pleasure of working with Chiappetta Consulting for four years. Each year Kari and her staff pull off an amazing conference with everything planned down to the smallest detail. With Kari and her team there is never a crisis only an opportunity to exceed her customer’s expectations. Stress free event planning at its best!

Alice Bellavance Executive Director of BISNO, and Chair Building Bridges Planning Committee

As the chair of the Building Bridges Conference, it has been my pleasure to have someone as capable and competent to be retained as our Conference Planner. Kari and her staff pay attention to all the big and little details. They make committee members comfortable with their tasks and conference presenters feel truly valued. She and her staff do this with flare, tenacity and a sense of humour. They make all the committee members look good and I can’t imagine doing a conference without her and her staff.

Kim Karioja Centre for Addiction and Mental Health – Thunder Bay Office

With Kari and her staff in charge, the organizing committee was able to attend conference sessions and spend time networking rather than handling last minute emergencies. Kari and her staff are amazing at handling all the details involved in hosting a successful event. Kari maintains open communication with the organizers and provides a schedule so that everything is completed in a timely manner. Kari is creative and open to new ideas in developing conferences that are memorable.


Since opening its doors in 2006, Kari Chiappetta Consulting has established itself as a leader in event coordination services in Thunder Bay and across Canada. Kari and her staff continuously meet and exceed the expectations of clients who have contracted the firm’s services. Professional, highly efficient and extremely organized are key traits that Kari and her staff possess, thus ensuring that each event hosted by Kari Chiappetta Consulting is seamless and stress free.

Kari and her staff pride themselves on ensuring clients know their event is their top priority.  The firm has the capacity to host numerous events annually and the highly organized nature of the staff ensures that each event is maintained to the tiniest detail. Kari and her staff pride themselves on making each and every delegate feel welcome and well cared for.


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